The latest patch for Risk of Rain 2 brings along two previously promised updates to the game which makes dealing with blazing enemies a little easier.

The latest update for Risk of Rain 2 has arrived (Early Access Patch – Build ID #3743353) and brings with it a number of changes previously discussed by developer Hopoo games. The first major change is the addition of a new burn stack counter which will help players determine how much burn damage they’re taking from Blazing enemies.

This is set to make burns less “bursty” according to the developer, as well as helping heal-over-time effects curb the damage from burns. They did state that this update isn’t intended to make burn damage easier, just more manageable and simpler for the player to understand where damage is coming from.

The Magma Worm has also received a bit of a tweak and will be slightly easier to take down. Previously players found this stage boss a little unmanageable and took way to long to kill. To combat this the Worm now has lower armor and will spend less time flailing in the air. In addition, it’ll also have a new movement where it’ll spend some time crawling along the ground offering another opportunity for attacks.

Magma Worm Risk of Rain 2
Image via GreenDotP on Steam

It’s not all good news though as Hopoo games have tweaked Ice and Lightning elites in Risk of Rain 2 making them slightly more difficult to offset the Blazing nerfs. Ice bombs deal less damage, but now freeze you for a second. Lightning elites will also now spawn with full shields and stick lightning bombs to players.

Another concern that has been addressed is the availability of Lunar Coins, or lack thereof. Now, the Obelisk – which is found after seven stages – offers five Lunar Coins as a reward in addition to unlocking the Mercenary – so this gives players another reason to return to the Obelisk.

Some of the Risk of Rain 2‘s characters have also seen a tweak, with The Artificer and Huntress seeing an increase in proc coefficients. The Mercenary’s Blinding Assault ability has also been extended to three seconds.

There are also several minor tweaks to the game overall, the full patch notes can be found over on the Steam Update page.

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