An update is on the way for Risk of Rain 2 which is set to tone down one of the game’s more annoying enemy types, Blazing enemies.

Hopoo co-founder, Paul Morse, has told Games Radar that an update is on the way that’ll rebalance the game’s Blazing enemies. This should hopefully stop the frankly overpowered damage over time from being burned by this enemy type. Hopefully.

This will be done by showing the number of stacks of fire damage players has, according to Morse, which will show how they’re getting damaged over time.

In addition to the nerf, Morse also revealed that the patch will also fix a bug from the blazing Stone Titan which was apparently dishing out 2400% more damage than it was supposed to do, which is pretty hilarious, but also pretty damn annoying.

This follows the game’s previous patch which helped with teleporter visibility because we all know how almost impossible it was to find…

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