Created by Daedelic Entertainment, Silence is a point-and-click fantasy adventure that follows orphaned siblings Noah and Renie. The game opens with them desperately trying to find shelter during an air raid. Tucked away in an abandoned bunker, everything seems like it’ll be okay as Noah tries to comfort his sister with his fantastical stories of a faraway world – and that’s when the bunker collapses.

Noah wakes up alone in the dark and desperately tries to find his sister but as he searches, he realizes something – they’re not in the bunker anymore and things are looking strangely familiar. He’s in Silence, the world from his stories.

Fortunately, the kid’s an expert of this place – kind of – and sets off to reunite with his sister. But as he finds out through encountering Silence‘s inhabitants, his world isn’t the only one under siege. When the siblings get thrown together with rebel fighters Samuel and Kyra who are just trying to get their own home back, the unlikely friends work together to fight back against an evil queen and her creepy minions called Seekers.

The story is fun and exciting – at first, it may seem like it’s checking off a list of fantasy tropes but I really enjoyed the plot twists. For one, right off the bat, you learn that the very purpose of Silence is meant to be Limbo a place between life and death – so if you look past the pretty flowers and quirky creatures, the story becomes kind of dark. Immediately, it had me thinking about what that meant for the siblings – “have they been dead this whole time? Can they even return home?” From the first few moments of the game, I already felt for the siblings so when Noah realizes exactly where they are – I wanted to see them home safe.

Noah is a likable hero and the best big brother, while Renie wins you over with her endearing heart and fearless attitude. While sometimes the banter between Noah and rebel fighter Kyra seemed a little forced, I loved the unexpected friendship between towering fighter Samuel and little Renie – the two make an adorable team.

My favorite character though has to be Spot! Where most games endow their heroes with otherworldly superpowers, most of the magic in this game comes from Noah and Renie’s shape-shifting caterpillar Spot. Using the environment around him to his advantage, Spot can reach areas and interact with danger in ways the kids can’t and so figuring out how to best use him in puzzles was really creative and fun.

Throughout the game, you switch between playing Renie, Noah, and Spot which was a nice way to learn more about each character and shake-up the gameplay but one quip I have was that while there was the branching dialogue, it didn’t really feel like your choices had a huge impact on the overall game.

Any of you who think you’re adept at solving brain-teasers – welp just you wait. Give Silence ten minutes and watch as you get stumped. The designers were clever, giving just enough clues to make it clear where you want to end up, but there’s usually so much to investigate in the room that solving a puzzle won’t happen on the first go. Being a point-and-click, it sorta comes with the territory – but who doesn’t love a good challenge?

Silence Screenshot

The world of Silence is full and realized, creative and whimsical. Everything feels new and exciting, bringing me back to when I was Renie’s age. No two creatures (or characters for that matter,) look alike or feel dull and uninspired. Basically, Silence and its inhabitants would make for a gorgeous art book. Even though the length of a quest/puzzle could sometimes feel long and dragged on, I loved interacting with the environment as much as I did.

I didn’t have to go out of my way to learn about Silence’s history which was also nice – sometimes in fantasy there’s so much backstory to pack in that a lot of cool detail gets lost in searching for hidden notes or something along those lines and or you don’t quite get references to the world but Silence did an awesome job of not losing me like that.

All in all, I really loved adventuring with the siblings. It was a creative story, gorgeous to look at and featured a world that was fun to explore. From the start, I was compelled to help save the kids and the kingdom. Everything from the beautiful world, cinematic cut-scenes, and magic music helped immerse me in the world. I’d highly recommend getting lost in Silence to anyone who loves a good brain teaser and a fun adventure!

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