Slightly Mad Studios may have just hit a bump in the road with their upcoming Mad Box console as they’ve just withdrawn its filing to trademark the name.

The Project CARS studio announced the Mad Box, a brand new home console, earlier this year. It’s set to land in 2022 and will feature 4K support, 60fps “per eye” virtual reality, and compatibility with major VR headsets.  The studio is developing its own engine for the console for developers to use.

Since its announcement though, the studio has remained pretty quiet ever since, and it looks like they may have come across a little snag.

Slightly Mad filed a trademark for Mad Box in January with the EUIPO. This was filed a few days after the announcement. Now, as of March 25, an opposition was filed by a French games company called Madbox arguing that there “exists a likelihood of confusion on the part of the public.”

Following this, Slightly Mad has withdrawn its application, as of April 5. Reports are unsure whether this is due to the opposition, but it does suggest that Slightly Mad may be reconsidering its name.

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