PSN name changes might be here, but Sony has revealed that offensive names will be replaced without warning.

Sony has submitted to the requests made by players for PSN ID changes, and are launching the feature with some strict guidelines. Chief among them is the ongoing agreement provided in its ‘Terms of Service’ that request IDs avoid tags deemed offensive. Swearing is always the clearest offender, but the use of bigoted language will also result in punishment, albeit a more lenient one than before.

Instead of outright banning, Sony will instead be providing users who break this agreement with a temporary ID, formatted as ‘TempXXXX’, with the X’s representing a random number. The first of these name changes, whether voluntarily or imposed, will be free, however, subsequent ones will come with a fee attached.

Reverting back to a previous ID (one not in violation of the TOS) will not be limited either, meaning as long as a name is available at the time a request to change is made, you will be able to change, even if its a previous one.

The full FAQ can be found here should you have any questions or concerns regarding this new feature, with some potential risks outlined within.

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