Music lovers rejoice! Spotify has revealed that it is currently testing a potential discounted subscription for two simultaneous users in the hopes of curbing password sharing and security threats.

Titled, ‘Premium Duo’ the new subscription model promises to afford you and a person you live with individual Premium accounts for €12.49 ($14) per month. This model also comes with some innovative features for two such as a Duo Mix playlist which is constructed from tracks you both like.

The package also comes with the ability to share your entire library of saved music, and a Duo Hub where you can manage both of your accounts and settings separately.

The draw of Premium Duo lies in the fact that is overall cheaper than buying two separate Premium accounts for €9.99 ($9.99 in the US) each per month or a family plan for five accounts for €14.99 per month. The most significant drawback to the plan, however, is that you have to be living with the user that you share the account with in order to access it, the intended market for this payment plan will serve flatmates and couples as its primary market.

This new model isn’t currently available worldwide, at the moment it has been restricted to Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland, and Poland, with no word on more markets. Spotify says the subscription is available to new and existing users and users can expect to keep all of their saved Premium music and playlists if they do decide to switch.

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