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Housemarque has recently spoken out about the future of its upcoming battle royale game, Stormdivers, and it’s not looking pretty.

Resogun developer Housemarque made a pretty bold decision when it announced that “arcade is dead” and that it had shifted its focus onto a more AAA outlook on the future, one that it hoped would pay off, however as development continues on their upcoming title Stormdivers, things are starting to look pretty bleak.

Stormdivers, which was unveiled last year, is the latest game to jump on the battle royale trend. It features character classes, interesting maneuverability, and a reactive weather environment which has a drastic effect on gameplay. When the game was first unveiled it seemed pretty unique.

Then Apex Legends came along.

Speaking with VG247, Housemarque was pretty open about the future of the game, revealing that while progress on Stormdivers is moving along well, they’re aware it’s not going to be a hit. This is due to a number of factors, including being last out of the gates and lack of funding.

Stormdivers Screenshot

“The problem is with us we always have to change our idea. We originally thought that the game would be a premium game but now it should be free to play. And do we have enough content to do that? I don’t know,” admitted Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen. “We’re kind of a bit short of money to fully realise what we want to do as a launch edition of the game. We’ll see.

“It is tough. Whether we’re going to succeed, it’s unlikely because of the tough competition.”

That competition is, of course, Respawn Entertainment and EA’s surprising release, Apex Legends which takes certain aspects from Titanfall, like maneuverability and class-based gameplay, and spun it off into a battle royale game.

“In a way, Apex has taken that a bit away from us. Our game is third person so it’s a bit different gameplay wise. We always had this idea that there are effects that push you forward. So there’s tornadoes or bombardments, so there are PvE elements. The idea is that’s it’s a fast-paced thing. You can’t really sit tight somewhere in a toilet with a shotgun. That is still the thing we’re trying to accomplish there.”

He concluded by saying “it’s quite brutal, this industry. Quite brutal. It’s something that happens like, ‘oh shit’. The race is on and we just couldn’t make it.”

Stormdivers is currently in beta, with sessions being held every month or so. Players interested in signing up and giving it a whirl can do so via the game’s website.

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