Good Shepherd Entertainment has announced that Urban Games has checked the timetable and is set to release Transport Fever 2 later this year.

Sequel to the popular tycoon/management game, Transport Fever and Train Fever, Transport Fever 2 is set to feature three new story mode campaigns as well as an overall improved gameplay experience, UI, modding capabilities, features, environments and more.

In this new game, players will experience more than 150 years of real-world transportation tech and history so they can build their own transport empire. This spans all different transportation too including trains, boats, planes, and road vehicles all with realistically modeled trains, trams, aircraft, ships, buses, and trucks.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to take their transportation corporation across land, sea, and air? I know I do. Look out world, here comes RonIndustries to take you where you need to be – but we might be a bit late…

Anyway, Transport Fever 2 is set to land on Steam in Q4 2019, check out the debut trailer below:

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