Valve Index Headset

Valve has revealed plans to release their own virtual reality (VR) headset later this year called the Valve Index, with a full reveal planned for May 1.

Announced earlier this week after a little slip of the tongue, the Valve Index is expected to land on June 15 this year. For the most part, it seems pretty on par with other headsets on the market, including the HTC Vive which Valve had a hand in early into the product’s development and release.

Interestingly though, from the images on the Index’s Steam product page, the headset seems to feature open-backed earphones, which may help with players’ perception whilst wearing it. Open-backed earphones tend to let more outside sounds in compared to closed-backed, so I can imagine trying the Valve Index in a busy space may break the immersion, somewhat.

The Steam page has very little information other than that it supports both DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0. Recommended requirements are also pretty slim, listing just an NVIDIA GTX 1070 as the minimum graphics card.

As for the tech within the headset itself, the page features mostly placeholder text, so we have no idea what sensors or cameras it features, nor the resolution of the headset.

In a statement, Valve has confirmed that a full reveal of the Valve Index is expected to take place on May 1.

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