After last week’s box office success, Shazam has managed to take the top spot again for the second week. It pulled in another $25mil over the weekend which is a 53% drop from last weekend, a bigger drop than Warner Bros had expected. Still, it had a smaller budget than the other DC films and it’s still pulling in a decent amount. Let’s see where it ends up next week.

In other comic book film releases, we had Hellboy. I debated going to see it, but after the dreadfully poor reviews came in I decided to give it a miss, and it looks like I wasn’t the only one. It took a mediocre $12mil over the weekend which put it into third place. The original Hellboy back in 2004 took $23mil and the second one took $34mil over their opening weekends, just to show how much this one has flopped. I mean, who really wanted a reboot of this ‘franchise’ anyhow?

In second came the film Little taking a decent $15mil, especially compared to the budget. The film is a backward take on Big and sees Regina Hall’s character transform into her younger self. Reviews have been between mixed and negative, so a $15mil take is actually pretty good for it.

Two new films features in the Top 10, surprisingly After made it in 8th with $6.2mil. For those you that don’t know After is based on fan fiction about a woman falling in love with Harry Styles from One Direction… yes, you heard that right! The character’s name in the film has been changed, but you can already tell what kind of film it is. Therefore $6.2mil is another good figure.

After Movie Still

The other new film is Laika’s Missing Link, which sits in 9th after taking a disappointing $5.8mil. It’s a sad figure to see because Laika have given us great films such as Coraline, ParaNorman and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and they all took over $14mil in their opening weekends. Missing Link also has great reviews from critics, but for some reason people haven’t gone out their way to see it. It’s a shame for Laika Animation, I just hope a bigger studio will snap their next film.

Pet Sematary in its second week dropped 59.2% and took $10mil which was completely expected and now sits in 4th. Rounding the Top 5 is Disney’s Dumbo which pulled in another $9.8mil on its third week. It certainly hasn’t been the most memorable of the live action Disney films. Still, roll on The Lion King!

Captain Marvel, now into its sixth week and now sitting in 6th, pulled in another $8.6mil domestically. It is now the 28th top grossing movie of all time worldwide. Pretty neat right? Check below for the full top 10 weekend box office list;

  1. Shazam – $25.1m
  2. Little – $15.4m*
  3. Hellboy – $12m*
  4. Pet Sematary – $10m
  5. Dumbo – $9.1m
  6. Captain Marvel – $8.6m
  7. Us – $6.9m
  8. After – $6.2m*
  9. Missing Link – $5.8m*
  10. The Best of Enemies – $2m

* Opening Weekend

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