At the annual “Le What’s Next De Focus” event this week, Focus Home Interactive unveiled a number of new and renewed partnerships for future releases.

First, the company revealed that it was once again working with Vampyr developer DONTNOD Entertainment on a new “ambitious” game. The company also confirmed that Vampyr had hit over 1 million sales.

Following this, Focus revealed that they’d also renewed their partnership with Deck13, the developer behind The Surge and its upcoming sequel, The Surge 2. This partnership is set to see the two companies work on a brand new franchise that “builds upon the strengths and expertise of the studio.”

Focus and Saber Interactive have also renewed their partnership following the launch of MudRunner and the upcoming World War Z. They’re set to work on two new titles as part of this co-operation, one of which will be “supported by one of the most important licenses in the Games Workshop universe,” so… 40K?

A few other renewals include A Plague Tale: Innocence developer Asobo Studio, Passtech Games who are working on a new IP, and Streum on Studio for a new shooter using another Games Workshop IP. Finally, Focus revealed that it’s reached an “exclusive agreement” for video game adaptations of Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu franchise which is set to extend for the next 10 years.

While that’s it for renewals and continued co-operations, Focus Home Interactive also announced a number of new partnerships, the first being with Sumo Digital who is set to deliver a “multiplayer experience without compromise in a universe as dark as it is violent.” Sumo Newcastle, the team behind EVE: Valkyrie is set to lead this project.

Gasket Games is also another developer joining Focus Home Interactive who is set to work on another “brand-new” Games Workshop title in a “rich universe”. Next is Limestone Games, as well as Lightbulb Crew. Details of what titles these two companies are working on are currently under wraps.

If that wasn’t enough, Focus Home has also announced that it will continue to support Nintendo Switch and mobile in the future, with Farming Simulator, Vampyr, and Call of Cthulhu making their way to Nintendo Switch later this year. Finally, MudRunner 2 will also be coming to iOS and Android in the near future, following its release on consoles and PC later this fiscal year.

So there are plenty of exciting things in store for Focus Home Interactive in the not so distant future. Hopefully we’ll hear more about the titles the above developers are working on later this year.

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