Since November 2018, Attack on Titan has been on a break, but that wait is finally over, with it’s Season 3 Part 2 premiere airing over the weekend. With it being one of the greatest anime’s of all time, I’m sure most are wondering where they can access this incredible show. Well have no fear, n3rdabl3 is here.

Here are all the ways you can catch up on the old seasons, and keep up with the new!

Where Can I watch Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2?

For all of you hardcore anime fans, obviously, Crunchyroll is your one-stop-shop for anything and everything anime related. While you need a premium subscription, Crunchyroll will air Attack on Titan before any other service. You can become a subscriber for the low cost of just $7.99/month!

If you’re looking for other anime related subscription services, Funimation now has their own application, fittingly titled… FunimationNOW. Their plan starts as low as $5.99/month allowing simultaneous streams across 2 screens (say that ten times fast). Attack on Titan will be available through their service shortly after it premieres on Crunchyroll.

Hulu is another great option for those looking for services that offer more than just anime. It’s actually a great time to get on board with Hulu too. After Netflix has spiked their costs again, Hulu has announced its ads-based subscription will drop from $7.99 to $5.99, rivaling that of FunimationNOW. The only downside with Hulu is usually needing to wait 24 hours after a show’s premiere, but that is a small price to pay for a good deal. Not to mention they have a wealth of other classic anime shows like Cowboy Bebop, and Gundam 00!!!

All of these are viable subscription services that will allow you to keep up on new and old anime shows.

When can I watch Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2?

Attack on Titan specifically drops on all these platforms on Sundays. With Crunchyroll airing it around 10:30 am Pacific Standard Time, the other platforms follow suit shortly after that, a great way to round out your weekends.

Other honorable mentions are Netflix and Adult Swim’s TOONAMI. Netflix is always a season behind, however, but the first 2 seasons are on there now, and it offers both the subbed and dubbed versions. While Toonami will begin airing dubbed episodes of the new Attack on Titan on May 25, 2019!

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