Paramount has released a two-minute trailer for Will Smith’s new film Gemini Man which is directed by Life of Pi director, Ang Lee.

It sees Smith play Henry Brogen, an aging hitman who is nearing retirement and finds himself against a younger clone of himself who can predict his every move. Similar visual effects to Samuel L. Jackson in Captain Marvel have been used in Gemini Man to get Smith looking young again, which allows him to play both roles with ease.

The trailer itself doesn’t really show anything new in terms of what the film is about. Essentially it’s just an assassin after an assassin, just the big difference is that it’s himself. Smith seems okay in the role and seems like he can pull off two characters in the film, but I never seem to know with him. One minute he makes films that are a hit, then next minute they flop. Still, at least he isn’t alongside his son Jaden Smith, right?

Gemini Man hits theatres in US 11 October, prepare for some Smith v Smith action!

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