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Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive have this week announced that World War Z has sold over 1 million units within the first week of launch.

Based on the 2013 movie, World War Z is a co-operative shooter which thrusts players into a world full of undead fighting for survival. The game began the week at the top of the UK Gaming Charts, so it comes as no real surprise that the game is performing well.

Since its launch last week, the game has sold over 1 million units and has performed “way above expectations”. Saber Interactive’s CEO Matthew Karch also highlighted the game’s performance on PC which was helped, in part thanks to support from the Epic Games Store.

“Moving forward, we’ll continue to work on growing the game and its community with new improvements, stability updates, and bonus gameplay content, beginning very soon with a special new mission for the Tokyo episode,” he continued.

World War Z Screenshot

World War Z is unique in that it utilizes Saber’s dynamic “Swarm Engine” which allows hundreds of fast-moving zombies to come together as a collective herd and break off at will to take on players.

The game also features a unique competitive mode which not only pits players against one another but also the game’s hordes of undead.

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