Well, it’s that time of year again. The Road to Wrestlemania is coming to its conclusion once again on April 7, 2019. To celebrate this, 2k and CatDaddy Games have upped the ante with a new card tier in WWE Supercard.

The appropriately dubbed, Wrestlemania 35, brings 75+ new cards to the card-battling mobile app. You can obtain these the old fashioned way by grinding away in the multiple game modes to boost your deck, or you can purchase one of several card packs available in the store from 300 coins for a shot at one of the new additions. Though be aware, these special Axxess Packs won’t be around for too much longer so grab them whilst you are able to.

The new cards also celebrate some of the insane entrance gear worn by WWE Superstars during some of their past appearances at the greatest stage of them all. Some such Superstars include but aren’t limited to; Triple H (who was once called Hunter Hearst Helmsley, seriously), Hulk Hogan, Becky Lynch and the Deadman himself, The Undertaker. These monstrous cards were designed by WWE’s own in house artist, Rob Schamberger, maybe check him out on Twitter.

Not only have a Royal Rumble’s worth of cards been added to the game, but a few other things have also been tweaked. First up, for those of you with sexy superphones, you may have the option to turn the game up to 60FPS for a smoother experience. Also, support cards no longer count towards Tier resets, meaning if you get a WM35 support card it isn’t going to do you much good towards the next tier despite its power. Finally, new signature move animations, not necessary but okay.

WWE Supercard is available on both Apple App Store and Play Store as well as the Amazon App Store for Android for free. So if you enjoy wrestling and card collecting then it is definitely worth downloading and jumping into the ring. I need to get back to grinding now because I have to get through four more tiers before I can have my own WM35 Card now…

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