G.I. Joe was a staple of the Saturday morning cartoon scene back in the 80s which helped to create a cult following leading to different media format endeavors like live action films, video games, and since you’re reading this, comics.

Of course, it all began with action figures representing the American Military, then somehow along the way for kids in the UK, we got Action Man which saw ninja commandos fighting snake monsters. Yeah, a lot happened between those two things it didn’t just happen overnight.

Though the live action franchise didn’t really pan out, with it now laying in limbo despite the best efforts of The Rock, the comics for G.I. Joe has had a loyal following and the license is currently with nostalgia publisher IDW.

Currently, IDW publishes an ongoing series and is roughly midway through a miniseries in case you were wondering.

Crossovers with The Transformers franchise

Over the years the robots in disguise have clashed with the American Heroes as the Autobots and G.I. Joe have teamed up to do battle with the Decepticons and Cobra, the sworn enemy of G.I. Joe.

Of course, over the years the G.I. Joe franchise has been with different publishers and thus you’ve got a handful of different miniseries were these two different franchises have met.

Cobra Commander is dead in the IDW Continuity

In probably the best series in the G.I. Joe line from IDW, G.I. Joe Cobra sees undercover specialist Chuckles attempting to infiltrate Cobra and having to some pretty awful things to keep his cover.

After a series of pretty awful deeds, Chuckles kills Cobra Commander. Of course, you’ve had over characters assuming the mantle through the Cobra Civil War.

G.I. Joe Cobra Commander

Was once part of the Hasbro Shared Universe

The Hasbro Shared Universe saw toy-centric franchises merge together in a Marvel-style continuity. The likes of G.I. Joe, Transformers, Micronautsm and M.A.SK came together creating a world meshed together from these franchises, it ultimately didn’t pan out due to low sales and so so critical response.

The comics were originally published by Marvel Comics

Marvel was tasked with creating the characters for the action figure lines in the 80s. Writer Larry Hama took over the task and still carries that continuity on through IDW.

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