Iron Man armour top 5

Let me ask you something, does Tony Stark make the armor or does the armor make the man? I bet that one is going to cook your noddle.

Over the years the Iron Man armor has been upgraded more times than you’ve had new socks. Sometimes it’s not even an aesthetic change, it could be an upgrade of the technology inside, like in the 60s when he swapped his transistors out for something else.

We’ve seen the technology for the suit constantly evolve from a simple suit of armor to something that turned Tony Stark into a cyborg, and even something the resembles the Venom symbiote from Spider-man.

Through the years some looks have worked and others haven’t and that has to lead to at least four interesting things we can mention.

One suit had roller skates

During the 60s Iron Man was involved in the Vietnam conflict whilst comics of the time skirted around the controversial subject of the war Iron Man was on the ground fighting villains.

During one such adventure, he was trapped deep underground and the power for his suit was failing. Luckily his suit had some roller skates attached and he used them as a kinetic power source.

It was once carried in a suitcase

Commonly seen the 90s Iron Man cartoon (which hasn’t aged very well by the way) Tony stored his armor in a suitcase which was super covert since he was a high powered businessman.

Other notable armor hiding places include a car and a helicopter.

The suit of armor had a negative effect on Rhodes

Tony Stark had to take some time away from being a superhero to deal with his issues with alcohol, his best pal James Rhodes took up the Iron Man suit by the technical setup caused Rhodes to become more violent and out of control.

Stark put a stop to this and gifted Rhodes the War Machine armor as his own.

Ultron once corrupted the suit and turned Tony Stark into a woman

It’s an odd one I have to admit, during the first story arc of the 2000s Mighty Avengers series, Ultron returns and corrupts the Iron Man armor morphing it into a woman with Tony Stark inside, with the aid of his teammates this was reversed.

Perhaps it’s one Tony Stark doesn’t like talking about.

Have I missed anything out? Let us know in the comments!

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