Green Arrow

Green Arrow is kind of like Batman if Batman shot arrows and was fond of the color green. Of course, that’s one way to look at it but if you looked a little closer you might see something else…

Oliver Queen, the wealthy gadabout gets stranded on a deserted island and learns to fend for himself and takes that new can-do attitude back to the mainland and fight some crime as the superhero Green Arrow.

He’s been around for decades and he has had a few stints on the Justice League and a has had a whole bunch of adventures with his goofy array of trick arrows and a knack for fighting justice. But do you know these four facts about our man in green?

He lost his fortune

Oddly enough in the comic books, the only superhero millionaire/billionaire not to lose his fortune and live like a pauper is Bruce Wayne. Oliver lost his fortune that he inherited from his family due to his superhero duties leading him to neglect his role as CEO of Queen Industries.

Over the years he’s been rich and poor but that’s the up and down nature of comic book storytelling.

His sidekick was an addict

Green Arrow became pals with the other green-themed superhero on the block, Green Lantern and they went on an old fashioned road trip across America in the Green Lantern co-starring Green Arrow series.

Meanwhile, Green Arrow’s sidekick, Speedy AKA Roy Harper turned to heroin to deal with the mentor shaped hole in his life, this was highlighted in the “Snowbirds Don’t Fly” issue of Green Lantern. Roy eventually got clean and evolved into a new guise as Arsenal and occasionally Red Arrow.

Kevin Smith wrote the character back to life

Green Arrow was killed off in the 90s and his long lost son, Conor Hawke assumed the role. Fanboy director, Kevin Smith, however, revived Oliver Queen during the 00s with the kitchen sink approach to storytelling, as Oliver returns to a much darker and changed DC Universe in the 10-issue Quiver story arc.

He cooks some very strong Chili

Showing off the silly side of the DC Universe, Oliver is known for cooking a super duper hot chili that even makes the Man of Steel sweat buckets. DC even released a recipe for it, if you wanted to try it yourself. Though, I guess not everyone is supposed to be a cook I guess.

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