Apex Legends could well be coming to mobile, following the franchise being described as “the fastest-growing franchise we’ve (EA) ever had.” during EA’s quarterly earnings call.

During the company’s quarterly earnings call, EA stated that the company is, rather unsurprisingly, looking to follow in the footsteps of Fortnite and PUBG, by looking to bring their hugely popular battle royale, Apex Legends, to both mobile, and the Chinese market.  “We are in advanced negotiations to bring Apex Legends to China and to mobile,” the company stated during the call.

Sadly that’s really all we have to go on, but it’s hard not to see why EA would want to make such a move. Fortnite remains practically unchanged between platforms, while PUBG Mobile is its own iteration. Which path EA and Respawn will choose to take remains a mystery, but it’s sure to see a sizable player base when it eventually hits our phones.

EA went on to state that the company “are hugely excited about the future of Apex Legends,” so it certainly looks like the title will not be slowing down anytime soon. Here’s hoping for some more content to pad out the title in the near future.

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