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Respawn Entertainment has revealed that it’s going to start temporarily banning players who piggyback their way through Apex Legends matches.

According to an Apex Legends community manager, a new type of behavior has started to make the rounds and will now result in a temporary ban. This behavior is being dubbed “Piggy-backing” and essentially involves players joining squads and doing nothing only to reap the XP when the game comes to an end.

Of course, this shouldn’t be mistaken for terrible skills, as I for one would have suffered many bans because, well… I’m a bit shit at Apex Legends. In this case, players who purposely piggy-back never collect weapons, fire shots, or participate in any way.

As a result of this style of play becoming a little more common, a series of temporary bans are being dished out to those who “exhibit piggy-backing behavior” and in some cases, even permanent bands are being given out.

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This has, of course, spawned a debate on how Apex Legends rewards XP in the first place, and many are pointing the finger at Respawn for falling short of offering better ways to encourage those players to avoid piggy-backing. Others have suggested that players should be able to report for such behavior in order to prevent the game from false-banning players. Many have also suggested a change in how XP is rewarded.

Either way, Respawn has a lot to think about now the initial launch hype has truly gone away. One of those things is bringing the game to mobile, apparently.

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