This episode of Attack on Titan divulges some juicy new information and sheds light on some old events that hit you right in the gut. As Eren and company scramble to finish off the Armored Titan, will their efforts be for nothing or can they pull off a win for humanity?! As always, SPOILERS will follow.

The first half of this episode drops some serious knowledge on us and takes us way back to season one. When Eren first utilized his powers to plug the hole in the wall with a boulder, the Scouts suffered some hard casualties. We now know that the death of Marco was the cause of Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie! Those fother muckers.

It was cool to see past (and present) events through their eyes, with this episode being a nice blend of story beats and action. They’re seriously drawing out the mysticism behind the person that is the Beast Titan though. While we get the most dialogue from him ever so far, we still don’t have a name or point of origin for him yet. Clearly, he’s got something on Reiner and Bertholdt though, but what that control remains to be seen. The lore behind the Titan race is incredibly interesting though, even if it’s being given to us one juicy morsel at a time.

While the first half of the episode spends it’s time giving some much-needed backstory, the latter half delivers some great action bits that will, of course, leave you wanting more. The Thunder Spears were extremely effective against the Armored Titan, but sadly not enough to end Reiner. By transmitting his consciousness throughout the rest of his body at the last second, he was able to avoid being killed off. Reiner’s exposure isn’t capitalized on though, and thanks to Bertholdt’s actions he is able to roll over on his back so he can continue to heal uninterrupted.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 15 Still

Meanwhile, the Scouts realize too late that Bertholdt is about to go Colossal, and from what it seems, Hange didn’t make it out of the blast. Of course, this isn’t confirmed, but it sure looked like she met her demise when Bertholdt transformed.

Hopefully, the Thunder Spears will prove effective against the Colossal Titan somehow. They pack quite a punch, so if they can all hit the same area, it’s plausible they could take him down, but I’m sure we’re about to see some heavy losses come out of this altercation. We’re still in the early phases on this showdown, so things can still go either way, but unlike the Armored Titan, we have yet to see if Bertholdt has any kind of exploitable weakness. They even tried to lower his guard with the mention of Annie being their captive, but that only pissed him off more. On top of that, the Beast Titan is still holding some tricks up his sleeve, and there is no way of knowing what his true Titan abilities are.

With the walls still surrounded by the Beast Titan and company, Reiner slowly but surely healing his wounds, and now the arrival of the Colossal Titan, things are looking bleak for the remaining Scouts. Eren and the Scouts will need to make quick work of at least one of their fellow corpsman if they want to keep the odds somewhat even. Levi still needs to take down the Beast Titan somehow, and we still need to learn what the hell is in Eren’s old basement!

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