Borderlands 3 Screenshot

During a live stream last night, Gearbox Software officially unveiled Borderlands 3 with a fancy new reveal event trailer.

In addition to the new trailer, Gearbox also revealed some information about the upcoming loot shooter. First thing’s first, the gameplay reveal. As you’d expect, Borderlands 3 looks pretty much like a Borderlands title. We get a glimpse at the game’s Hub World as well as a brief background on the game’s story.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Borderlands without a hefty helping of chaos either, and that’s exactly what you get in this gameplay reveal. Claptrap is there too, of course.

During the live stream, (which can also be seen in full below) we also saw our first look at a brand new vault hunter, Amara, a Siren class character. Unfortunately, we only get a brief glimpse.

Borderlands 3 Screenshot

Borderlands 3 will also feature some in-depth character creation in the Quick Change Station. This is where players can change their entire look, including heads, skins, emotes, ECHO Skins, and more. Oh, and this was also where Gearbox revealed that Borderlands 3 would also include microtransactions, but only for these cosmetic items.

As for the game’s plot. Claptrap introduced the first mission in which a new cult called the Children of the Vault is up to no good and Lilith and the Crimson Raiders are after new Vault Hunters to look a little closer into what’s going on and who’s behind the madness.

In order to take on the Children of the Vault, players will equip some new weapons which have multiple firing modes one particular weapon was a Vladof pistol which not only shot semi-automatic bullets but could also fire out some mini-missiles from under the barrel. Elementals weapons can also switch between elements, which is pretty interesting.

Anyway, check out the gameplay reveal event trailer below along with the full Borderlands 3 event livestream.

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