Child's Play Movie Still

The latest poster from Child’s Play has taken aim at Toy Story, or more specifically Woody. The aim being that Woody has been killed by Chucky!

It sees them mimic the Toy Story 4 poster that was released a little while ago, by making their own with the same background. The difference being is there is a toy’s arm on the side of the poster holding a cowboy hat and stuffing coming out of it. The other side of the poster sees Chucky walking away.

Both Child’s Play and Toy Story 4 have the same release date of June 21, but it looks like Child’s Play is not threatened by the better-known household film. It was also confirmed that Mark Hamill will be voicing Chucky in Child’s Play, the first time that Brad Dourif won’t be providing it.

Check out the posters side-by-side below and let us know what you think in the comments below. Who are you rooting for? Woody or Chucky?

Child's Play / Toy Story 4 Poster Comparison

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