According to an image spotted by TMZ, Kelsey Grammer could be working on bringing back Frasier to the small screen.

No, you are not going crazy. The one and only Dr. Frasier Crane a.k.a. Sideshow Bob a.k.a. the best cinematic Dr. Hank McCoy has been spotted walking through the streets of Soho, London with a flat white pressed up against a bound copy of what looks to be a script for something Frasier related.

Grammer recently said in an interview, regarding the return of Frasier “The first principle, is that it is a different story, basically. Same group of characters but in a different setting.” Could the Cranes be joining the Moons and their questionable accents across the pond in fair old Blighty?

Check out the image below:

Frasier went off the air in 2004 and has been missed by fans ever since. Jane Leaves almost reprised her role as Daphnie in the ensemble sitcom Hot in Cleveland. David Hyde Pierce probably came close to reprising his role as persnickety brother Niles in the overlooked horror thriller The Perfect Host.

Spin-offs in name only and strong references in the Simpsons have been as close as fans had dared hope to get the Crane family back together for another series, but from the sounds of recent interviews there are six proposals up in the air currently that Grammer is seriously considering as ways to continue the whimsical adventures of Frasier, his friends and his family.

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Sadly no matter what form the new Frasier tags, there will a massive Martin Crane void following the sad passing of John Mahoney back in 2018.

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