Microsoft has this week released some additional content for their open-world action game, Crackdown 3, called Extra Edition.

Yep, I totally forgot this game came out this year too. Something of a none event, both to play and in terms of release, Crackdown 3 is almost the definition of a middle of the road game; commercially and critically acceptable, but nothing overly memorable.

Well in an attempt to provide players with a  few more of these standout moments, a free update has been released for the title packed to the brim with cheats and multiplayer rewards. Titled ‘Extra Edition’, this update is something of a Crackdown tradition, with the second installment of the series receiving a similar single player update called ‘Keys to the City’; the same name as the single player portion of this DLC.

Regardless, the bonus content promises to make the game feel more arcade-y, with GTA style cheat codes which make you ridiculously overpowered and let you alter the game world itself. In the past, these have included:

  • God Mode – Invulnerability for both your agent and their vehicles
  • Unlimited Ammunition – Does what it says on the tin, but you still have to reload, loser
  • Public Enemy – Faced by the full wrath of enemies, endlessly
  • Diplomatic Immunity – Enemies will never attack you
  • Spawning – Summon free stuff to you, including enemies, vehicles, weapons etc
  • Radio – Change that song you hate
  • Freeze Time – Do I have to explain this one?
  • Enemies Active – Enemies can no longer spawn naturally
  • Empty Streets – You’re all alone in the big bad city

Many of these abilities seem set to return for C3, with added bonuses such as being able to edit your agent’s current level on the fly. More is being discovered about the DLC as time goes on, so why not jump in there and break the news yourself?

On the multiplayer front, Wrecking Zone now has an unlock tier system, featuring 100 levels which provide vanity items to fully personalise your agent. A smaller change than the single player mode, but still worthwhile for those still putting the time into the game.

Check out the trailer for the DLC here –

The Extra Edition update is available for Crackdown 3 right now, so go check it out! I mean… if you want…

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