Dead Cells‘ free Rise of the Giants DLC will be landing on the Nintendo Switch next week, the developer has announced.

Back in February, Motion Twin showed off their upcoming DLC for their smash hit Dead Cells. The DLC fittingly titled “Rise of the Giant” is an impressive addition to the already dense title, oh and the best part? It’s FREE! Now, on May 23, Switch owners will be receiving this impressive update as well.

Initially, the Rise of the Giant DLC was released back in March for PC users. It was hinted that Motion Twin was working on the Switch version of the expansion, but no news was really dropped regarding the update. We now have confirmation that the additional content will be available for all Switch owners on May 23, 2019.

The expansion boasts an impressive amount of content, especially when you consider the ‘free’ aspect. Players can enjoy a new boss, a new biome called “The Caverns”, 10 new weapons, 3 skills, a new skinning mechanic, and a hidden area complete with its own boss and an alternate ending tied to it. The “skinning” system lets players customize their avatar with over 50 unique outfits. These skins can be obtained through blueprints which drop from higher difficulty enemies, bosses, or can be found in special secret areas.

You can check out the new trailer for this exciting content from Motion Twin below!

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The secret area and boss were described by Motion Twin as an area “added for very advanced and skilled players to explore.” Those that are able to reach it and defeat the boss within will earn an alternate ending to Dead Cells, along with bragging rights, obviously. The new items and locations are exciting additions as well, especially considering one is called the “Boi Axe” which was clearly a God of War inspiration.

A plethora of tweaks will be included as well. Changes to the Custom Mode, re-balancing to food, a new Specialist Shop, alterations to the Legendary Forge, and an overall increase in player HP! You can check out the entire list of updates on the developer’s site.

It is unknown if these changes will find their way to the Xbox One and PS4 versions, but I’m sure Motion Twin is moving this into one console at a time. Dead Cells was an extremely well-received title, and even won awards in 2018 for Best Action Game. It’s only grown and become better as time has gone on, so those that have yet to try this incredible title should absolutely use this new DLC as an excuse to do just that.

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