Disenchantment Still

Netflix has revealed that Part 2 of its animated series, Disenchantment, will be coming to the streaming service this September.

Disenchantment‘s first ten episodes first landed exclusively on Netflix in August 2018, and now after nearly a year-long wait, we have just gotten confirmation that Part Two of Matt Groening’s comedy fantasy series has a release date of 20 September 2019. Part Two will bring an end to Season One, and with Season Two already confirmed it looks like we will be following the adventures of Princess Bean and her menagerie of mythical mates.

Season One Part One ended with some major cliffhangers that cannot be overlooked in Part Two. Who is Elfo’s mother? Who are the Mermaids that found Elfo, and where did they take him? Where will Princess Bean, her mother and her exotic crew of monstrous pirates voyage take them? Who hurt Luci? Will the citizens of Dreamland be freed from the petrification spell? Where is this set on the Groening timeline? When will the action figures be released?

The tales of Princess Bean, demon Luci, the elf Elfo, Dreamland, and its many warring neighboring kingdoms have just begun and it already feels at home in the Matt Groening’s pantheon of animation alongside The Simpsons and Futurama. Jot down in your diaries to free up the 20th September for a binge watch.

Fun Fact; if Disenchantment keeps up ten episodes a year, it will take over sixty-six years to catch up with the Simpsons almighty episode run.

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