Another week, another update to the all-conquering Fortnite. Whilst not being completely game changing, Version 8.51 is here, bringing some minor alterations and additions.

Most notably, a new grenade type has been introduced; the Shadow Bomb. The addition encourages stealth, turning the player mostly invisibly when thrown, whilst giving them a huge mobility boost such as speed boosts, a wall bounce and a double jump.

In an attempt to balance these effects, the benefits only last for six seconds, as well as preventing the player from building structures, launching attacks or picking up new loot. In addition, the user becomes gradually more visible over the six seconds, so don’t expect to be completely overpowered.

The bombs are classed as an uncommon item, can be found in the usual spots (in chests, on the floor, in supply drops, or in Supply Llamas) and have a carry capacity of six.

Other changes from the update are minor, making the sound effect of the jetpack more consistent and fixing a problem with the Victory Royal animation.

This is certainly an interesting change within the game, making it much easier to sneak up on enemies and kill them quickly from close range, making weapons like shotguns much more valuable in your load out.

With the right combination, endgame battles could become a walk in the park! Only time will tell how the community adopts these new tactics…

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