Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse

Microsoft has revealed a new Pro version of its IntelliMouse revival which comes with some improvements specific for gaming.

Having brought back the IntelliMouse back in 2018 with the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, the company looks to also be releasing a Pro variant of the mouse with enhanced tracking sensor, improved key actuation, a new textured finish, and a braided cable.

That’s not all, the Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse comes in both a black and white variant, as well as a customisable taillight which users can match to their keyboard, because RGB, am I right?

As for the sensor, supports up to 16,000 DPI and a 12,000 fps refresh rate. Users can also customise the mouse using Microsoft’s software to customise macros, buttons, as well as adjust DPI on the fly.

Microsoft’s Classic IntelliMouse is currently available for $39.99 with the Pro version coming later this month for $59.99.

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse

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