Minecraft Artwork

Microsoft and Mojang have announced that the already insanely popular sandbox title, Minecraft, has surpassed 176 million copies sold.

This massive milestone the sandbox title in the running of securing the record for the most sold video game of all time – and this is just the beginning of what Mojang has planned for the future of the game.

Currently, Tetris holds the record of the most sold game according to figures released by The Tetris Company back in 2010 (at 170 million lifetime sales). Though chances are that number has increased following the release of Tetris Effect on PS4 as well as Tetris 99 on Nintendo Switch (though the latter is a free-to-play title).

The future of Minecraft is pretty bright, first, we have the recently announced mobile AR title which, like with Pokémon Go, has players entering a Minecraft world within the real world. In addition, a completely new title is due to be released soon, a dungeon crawler aptly named Minecraft: Dungeons.

It’s safe to say, Minecraft is dominating, and there’s no stopping the blocky invasion.

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