Yesterday, Natsume finally spilled the beans on their lineup for E3 2019. Although Natsume has been teasing a new Reel Fishing game and Cosmic Defenders for some time, there was also a surprise announcement of a new Harvest Moon spinoff game as well. All of the announced titles will be available for previews of some kind at Natsume’s E3 booth.

We’ve been hearing about Cosmic Defenders for a while, and the information shared in the announcement isn’t necessarily new: it is a 2D shooter of “unconventional heroes using the power of nature to stop chaotic aliens from taking over the universe.” This game will be exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, and there has been another reminder that it will be launching later this year, though no specific date has been announced yet.

The new Reel Fishing game has been named as Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure, and will be available for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It is about three college friends on a road trip trying to find a mysterious fish–and trying to find out more about the man who told them about the fish, as well! No release date was given for this game, either.

Finally, Harvest Moon: Mad Dash will be revealed during the course of E3, with more concrete details and a first look coming out on June 11, the first day of E3 2019. All we know right now is that it’s a spin-off from the main series, and it will be out for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Natsume will be featuring these games at their booth from June 11 through June 13, the entire course of E3 2019.

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