According to a post on ResetEra, Ubisoft is set to announce a new arcade sports title at E3 2019 titled Roller Champions.

Based on the cut-throat sport of roller derby, Roller Champions is set to be a spin on that with a competitive sporting edge thrown in for good measure. While details are thin, the forum post showed that the game is coming to the Xbox One, according to an image of the controls,  along with assets supporting an E3 announcement.

The information reportedly comes from a private test which was conducted earlier this month where the user also grabbed some screens of the game along with the game’s loading screen and main menu.

It’s a Unity-based game, according to sources, and will feature quick play and ranked matches, as well as custom matches and tournaments. The kicker, the game is set to be an online-only title.

Roller Champions Leak Screenshot

Since reports began to surface, Ubisoft has been issuing copyright strikes on images and videos being uploaded on the game. While it’s speculation, Ubisoft being so protective of the game ahead of E3 suggests that it could be legit.

While there’s little to go on, it looks like Roller Champions could be Ubisoft’s attempt to muscle in on the competitive multiplayer scene dominated by Overwatch, Rocket League, and Fortnite. It’ll be interesting to see how the game is marketed, whether it’s a premium title or a free-to-play gig with microtransactions.

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