Recently in Japan, the PS4 (and Pro) has been overtaken by the Nintendo Switch. This isn’t just a win for the monthly or weekly sales though, the lifetime sales of the PlayStation 4 console have lost to the lifetime sales of Nintendo’s latest system.

“During the week of April 22, Switch and PlayStation 4 sales were extremely close in Japan. The two were at 8,042,166 units and 8,047,754 units sold respectively. Between April 29, and May 12, the Switch sold another 83,471 units while the PS4 moved another 30,003 consoles (counting the PS4 Pro). With the latest data, the Switch has officially surpassed sales of the PS4 in Japan. Nintendo’s system currently sits at a total of 8,125,637.” (Via Famitsu)

Granted, this victory has been slowly approaching for a while now, however, the astonishing thing is when you consider the time each of these systems has been available on the market. The rate at which the Switch overtook the PS4 is what makes this such an impressive achievement.

In Japan, the PS4 released on February 22, 2014. The Nintendo Switch dropped on March 3, 2017, a full three years after Sony’s current console. After these new figures, the Switch has been able to claim the number one spot of lifetime sales in just under TWO YEARS.

Things change though when you start to look at both of the console’s worldwide sales. As of March 2019, the PlayStation 4 has sold over 91 million units and shipped almost 97 million. The Nintendo Switch console sits at around 35 million units sold (worldwide). So while Sony still remains on top in the global market, the Switch has still managed to sell an astounding number of units in an extremely short period of time, roughly a third of the units in a third of the time!

Obviously, Japan is a great place for a mobile console, in fact, it’s been a huge selling point for the Switch. On top of that, the Switch has a lower selling point, making it an easier buy for those globally as well as in Japan. There are a plethora of features that make the Switch so alluring. From it’s mobile potential to its consistent stream of new content, to the fact that it’s become a safe haven for Indie Developers to get their content out. Add in some extremely sought after AAA titles and you have damn near the perfect console.

After seeing Nintendo struggle for a few years thanks to the unimpressive Wii U, it’s nice to see the company riding such a high wave. There’s no sign of them slowing down either, with a serious calendar of significant releases planned for each month of the rest of this year and beyond. It’s been exciting to watch them come back from the brink of collapse. Congratulations Nintendo for your impressive achievement(s)!!

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