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During their end of year earnings call (via, Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo Switch Online service had surpassed 9 million users.

It’s been six whole months since Nintendo took the plunge and followed the likes of Microsoft and Sony in implementing a paid subscription model for their online services. Despite initial worries of the fanbase being unwilling to pay for online play, due to their more casual nature, new figures indicate that Nintendo Switch Online has been nothing but a success.

Since September, 9.8 million users have purchased a membership, excluding accounts which only took advantage of the week-long free trial offered to players. This equates to about a third of Switch owners buying the service, as current sales figures place the system at around 35 million units sold into years.

Whilst the service is still very clearly in its infancy, lacking many of the features of the more established Xbox Live and PSN (such as an in-built chat option or substantial monthly rewards), the comparatively low price of $20 for an annual membership, as well as the impressive catalogue of games the system offers, is clearly turning a few heads.

So, with the 10 million mark just around the corner, what’s next for the big N? Well, more of the same I guess. This milestone will still only place the service one-fifth of the way to having as many users as Xbox Live, but with time and even more great scheduled releases on their side, it would be foolish of anyone to bet against Nintendo.

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