If you saw Detective Pikachu, you probably started thinking–more seriously than ever before–about what life would be like with a Pokémon partner and friend.

The official Pokémon Facebook page has recently invited Pokémon fans to imagine just that situation–and draw it, too! It seems as if you can upload your drawing to either Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Rymesona, and whatever Pokémon‘s social media team takes a shine to will get reposted (with credit) to the franchise’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

This promotional event appears as if it is simply for fun, if not for a little exposure for the lucky artists who are picked, rather than any official prize of any kind. Still, it is a cute idea and a great way to discover new artists across the web!

At this time, there has been no deadline posted for submissions. There are also no official submission requirements, though it’s probably safe to guess that an excessively violent or NSFW piece of art would not be picked for a repost on an official Pokémon page.

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