OUYA, the tiny Android console that never could, is closing its storefront later this year, ringing the final death toll for the controversial crowdfunder.

Razer, the company that now owns OUYA, has revealed (via Eurogamer) that as of June 25, the Forge TV and MadCatz Mojo game stores will be coming to a close. As a result, the company is encouraging those who still use their OUYA console to download any games they want to keep before they’re gone for good. The company has also said that any funds on players’ accounts may as well be spent, too.

OUYA had a bit of a controversial run after it received millions of dollars in funding from fans on Kickstarter in 2013. After fulfilling all of the pledges, the company struggled to make any traction eventually burning through cash it had raised via investors.

They attempted to bring players to the platform by introducing a “Free the Games” fund, which in itself was shrouded in controversy after people decided to take advantage of the OUYA’s generosity. Furthermore, as they fell more and more into debt, genuine developers were also left without their promised funds.

Eventually, Razer swooped in and acquired OUYA along with all of its debts and eventually shutting down the hardware manufacturer.

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