Playdate is a brand new handheld console with an adorable ethos and a hand crank which is used to interact with the consoles games.

Panic, the company publishing titles like Firewatch and the upcoming Untitled Goose Game has announced Playdate, a brand new handheld console with a black and white screen and an incredibly unique way of controlling games, which themselves will be a mystery.

Fully unveiled yesterday, the tiny console is part of a collaboration between Panic and Teenage Engineering, the company behind the Pocket Operator music devices and the OP-Z synthesizer and sequencer. In a thread on Twitter, Playdate detailed that Panic wanted to go into the hardware biz, but after building prototypes, reached out to Teenage Engineering for a hand, who came up with the crank idea.

The crank is probably one of the more stand-out unique features of this device, and no it doesn’t charge the device (which I thought it did at first) it’s actually a way for players to control the many games that’ll be coming to the console.

Speaking of games, this is another incredibly unique feature, all of the games on the Playdate will be a mystery until they become available. “They’re all included with system, and they will be delivered to you each week, for a few months,” Playdate said on Twitter. Though it did tease four games coming to the console: Bennett Foddy Presents Zipper, Crankin Presents Time Travel Adventures, 360, and Executive Golf DX.

The Playdate is a result of four years of development, and it’s absolutely adorable. Currently, there’s no set release date other than “later this year” but those who want to be in the know can head to the Playdate website and sign up for the wait list.

Playdate will also cost $149, which isn’t half bad considering you get the console and a “season’s worth of games”.

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