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If you log onto any tech site at the moment you’d quite naturally assume that the future of gaming lay in the rapidly evolving world of streaming, whether it be Google’s Stadia offering or the preexisting services on the PlayStation 4 console, it seems almost to be the natural direction for the industry.

However, this may not be the case just yet. During a call with investors last week, Hiroki Totoki – Chief Financial Officer for Sony – announced that the downloadable feature added to Sony’s streaming service, PlayStation Now, had been quite successful.

Introduced during September last year, Totoki explained that the option was added: “for users who want to enjoy gameplay without worrying about the network connections.” Though it was only intended as a means of providing gamers with more options, it seems that the decision has, in fact, come to bolster the streaming service in terms of user retention and engagement. In a mere seven months, downloaded games now receive double the amount of gameplay time compared to streamed titles on the service.

Totoki added that PlayStation Now’s audience has gone from strength to strength since its introduction during January 2014, increasing by around 40% each year. At present, the service has around 700,000 subscribers, with subscription costs ranging from $19.99 for a single month to $99.99 for an entire year.

Totoki also pointed out that the PlayStation Now catalog has 750 games, more than three times the amount of the next largest game subscription service. Perhaps there is hope for the downloadable market yet.

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