The Pokémon Company has extended the range of the Pokémon Fit plush line to include Gen 2 Pokémon.

Last year, an all-new Pokémon plush line of the first 151 Pokémon was released in Japan under the “Pokémon Fit” name. Apparently, this was a successful merchandise line, as the line has not only been released in the United States (as the “Sitting Cuties” line), but will also be expanding to encompass the 100 Pokémon introduced in the Gen II games.

In fact, gen II fans can actually look forward to 127 new plushes in this line, because not only will we get Pokémon number 152 (Chikorita) through Celebi (251), fans will be able to pick up all 27 forms of Unown.

There is a catch, of course: the “Pokémon Fit” plushes have only been confirmed for a Japanese release at this time. However, as was mentioned earlier, the first round of “Pokémon Fit” plushes has found its way to the United States as “Sitting Cuties.” If the first round of “Sitting Cuties” do well in the US, it seems likely that the gen II plushes will make it overseas as well.

The gen II “Sitting Cuties” will be released in Japan on June 8. Each individual plush will be 1,100¥–around $10 if you can’t wait to order some new friends.

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