The Legendary Lake Trio have begun to appear in Regional raids around the world in Pokémon Go. Uxie will be available in the Asia-Pacific region, Mesprit representing Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and finally, Azelf will be challengeable in the Americas and Greenland.

Most surprisingly of all for the first time in Pokemon Go, these Legendary Pokemon will be available in the wild in their respective regions even after the event ends, although they are exceptionally rare so keep your Pokéballs pealed. Adventure boxes have returned to the shop once again but to drain our wallets in the name of pokébargains.

The Weekly Research Breakthrough Rewards have been updated with Lugia, Ho-Oh, Latias and Latios all coming in a potential reward for seven days of hard POGOing. These flying-type legendaries will be available until the end of June.

Community Day May 2019 has also been confirmed to be focusing on Torchic and taking place on 19 May 2019. During the event Lure Module will last for three hours, have triple stardust rewards for catching, Shiny Torchics will be popping up every now and again and if you evolve a Combusken during the event you’ll get a Blaziken that will know a very special move!

Shellos (#422) the seas slug Pokémon has reportedly started to appear in the wild. The gimmick with Shellos in its original games was that depending on whichever of the East or West Seas you caught the monovalve, it would give you very different forms that cannot be changed. With no definitive Pokémon Go rules yet laid out for acquiring both forms of the two evolution pokemon.

Finally to coincide with the worldwide cinematic release of the Detective Pikachu movie a slew of brand new and returning content has been added to Pokémon Go. There’s never been a better time to go out and catch a bunch with double XP, many of the Pokémon featured in the film will be available to battle in raids and catch on the streets.

Field research will also be Detective Pikachu themed and when snapping shots of your favorite ‘mons you may have a chance to get photobombed by a cheeky Pikachu in a deerstalker hat, it has not yet been confirmed if this Pikachu will be voiced by Ryan Reynolds or is just another hat loving, celebratory, electric squirrel.

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