RAGE 2 Screenshot

Bethesda has released the future content roadmap for their upcoming shooter, RAGE 2, which reveals plans for paid DLC later this year.

With the launch of RAGE 2 set for tomorrow, Bethesda has revealed what’s in store for the future of the game once people have dominated the wastelands with their superpowers and big-ass weapons. According to a Tweet shared this weekend, the future is set to see both free and paid content.

In the coming months, players can expect to see bonus weapon skins, wasteland challenges, and more, including the game’s first World Event which they’re calling “Bring the Ruckus”.

In June, we’re set to see a “Day 30 Update” which is likely a play on the whole “Day 1 Update”. This update will add another World Event, a new vehicle, more challenges, skins, and cheat codes.

The roadmap also includes two lots of paid DLC with the first landing in August titled “Rise of the Ghosts” and a second coming in “Fall”.

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