So it’s been a couple of weeks since the surprise release of Hopoo Games’ Risk of Rain 2. Fans of the original bought it and well, the game has been flying ever since. It’s kept the same kind of gameplay as the first, whilst being unique in its own way. The graphics have been upgraded from 2D to 3D and although people were worried it would be different, it actually works well.

Similar to the original, Risk of Rain 2 starts you off with a very limited character roster. You can unlock some more characters and at this point, there is a still a small number, however, the game is in early access so there is plenty more time to add new characters. At this moment in time, I’m here to tell you how to unlock the characters. You can also get all these unlocks on the easiest setting, so don’t knock yourself down if you have a bad run, just keep trying. I won’t be going into huge character details, mainly just telling you how to unlock them. Without further ado, let’s look at the characters;

The Commando

Risk of Rain 2 Commando Character Screen

The Commando is first on the list even though you don’t have to unlock him as he is the game’s default character. You do however have to play one game to get the associated guide entry, so pretty simple right?

The MUL-T Robot

Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T Character Screen

MULT-T is one of the easiest characters in the game to unlock. The first area of the game you’ll have to complete five times. Easy unlock for a decent character right? And remember, you can do that on the easiest difficulty if you were struggling.

The Engineer

Risk of Rain 2 Engineer Character Screen

As I’ve mentioned MULT-T, The Engineer naturally falls after it as it is another easy character for you to unlock. It will take a bit more work for you to get him, but if you’re into the game it will be alright. The goal you get is “Complete 30 Stages.” That 30 stage target doesn’t need to be done in one run, so don’t worry about that.

The stage count will accumulate until you’ve reached the 30, and once you’ve hit that magic number, you unlock The Engineer and also another tasty achievement called “Engineering Perfection.” Remember that easy difficulty! Although it will take a lot of your time to do!

The Artificer

Risk of Rain 2 Artificer Character Screen

With The Artificer, you’ll get a goal that reads, “Free the survivor suspended in time.” Throughout the game, you’ll come across Lunar coins, which you’ll get from killing enemies, although the drop rate is very low. They’re fairly easy to spot and come in the form of giant blue spinning circles, just be sure to pick them up! Don’t spend them and wait until you’ve picked up 11 of the juicy currency. Within the game are “Newt Shrines.” They’re randomly generated so they could literally be anywhere, once you’ve found one you then have to activate it. This will cause a blue orb to spawn.

You’ll then have to activate the teleporter in the zone where the orb appeared. Due to the activation of the Newt Shrine, a Lunar Portal should appear. Go through the Lunar Portal and you will go to a new area called “the Bazaar Between Time.”

Go to the Bazaar and resist the temptation to buy any other items and spend 10 coins on the mysterious crystal. Doing this will unlock The Artificer and you’ll also get a tasty achievement called “Pause.” Easy right?

The Huntress

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Character Screen

Dependent on how good you are Risk of Rain 2, The Huntress might be a bit of a harder unlock than MUL-T, although you could unlock the character before MUL-T if you are a bit of an expert. So in order to unlock The Huntress, all you’ll have to do is get past the first three stages of the game and the character is yours. You’ll also unlock the achievement called “Warrior.” Hooray!

The Mercenary

Risk of Rain 2 Mercenary Character Screen

The last character on the list and probably the hardest is The Mercenary and requires a lot more work than the others. With The Mercenary, you’ll get a goal that reads, “Obliterate yourself at the Obelisk.” The first Risk of Rain used to give you a choice of looping through the game again or going to the final level. With Risk of Rain 2, there is currently no final level, meaning an infinite loop of levels. Once you’ve got past the starter level for the second time, you’ll eventually notice “Celestial Portals.” Sometimes they will appear on level 5, sometimes on level 7, it seems to change every game, so you might have to play through until you find one.

Once you have found that important portal, you’ll have to then jump through it. At the bottom of the new area will be an Obelisk that you’ll need to interact with. Now, remember what that goal was called? You see where this is going right? That’s right! You’ll have to obliterate your character through self-sacrifice in order to unlock The Mercenary. This will, of course, end your current run, but look at the positives – you’ll unlock probably the coolest character in the form of The Mercenary and get an achievement called “True Respite.”


As the game is in Early Access, characters are still being worked on. In the latest update from Hopoo, in the upcoming Spring update a new character is set to be added to the game, so be sure to check back to see how to unlock that character!

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