Nexon and Final Strike Games have this week unveiled their brand new multiplayer title, and it’s a gravity-defying arena shooter titled Rocket Arena.

Rocket Arena is a new 3 v 3 cross-platform first-person shooter which features a roster of different characters who battle it out in among arenas bouncing about the place shooting each other off the map. Sounds ALMOST similar to a game Nexon ditched a little while back.

Anyway, Rocket Arena will see players face-off in five-minute matches in a competition called The Rocket Championship Tour. It also sees players utilizing “special gameplay mechanics distinct from standard shooters”. One of these mechanics is the use of a blast meter which increases as players receive more damage.

Much like Super Smash Bros. once this blast meter is full they then become susceptible to being knocked out of the map. But they’ll be coming right back as quickly as they’re blasted off to keep on with the action.

The game is currently in development with betas running from May 23 to May 29 via the Nexon Launcher and Steam. Players interested in signing up to the beta can do so via the game’s website.

Check out the trailer below, which curiously uses the same font as a relatively popular battle royale game.

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Rocket Arena will be available for cross-platform play on PC and Xbox One at launch, with PlayStation 4 currently in development. It’s currently unknown whether it’ll be a free-to-play or premium title.

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