Rune Factory 4 Special Character Images

Yesterday, Marvelous held a Rune Factory 4 Special livestream which covered the game’s opening movie and more details about the remake/Another Episode mode in the remake.

The movie gives Rune Factory 4 Special a very anime-esque opening, introducing new players to the world and major characters.

As for the new game details, we didn’t learn a lot about the Another Episode aspect, but we know it will add something to the gameplay and more depth to certain characters. For example, Ventuswill will not become a marriage candidate in Special, even though it was teased in other Rune Factory livestreams, but we’ll get to see more sides to her character in the expanded story.

Another big addition to this revamped game is the addition of “voice comments” made by fifteen of the voice actors for the game’s cast. They reflect upon their experiences voicing the characters seven years ago for the original title which was released for the Nintendo 3DS. Each segment runs around seven minutes long.

Check out the trailer below:

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Rune Factory 4 Special will be out on the Nintendo Switch on July 25 in Japan, with a Western release scheduled for later in 2019, without a specific date announced at this time.

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