Ubisoft’s upcoming Pirate game, Skull & Bones has been hit with its second delay, according to the company’s official Twitter account. It will also be skipping this year’s E3 conference.

“We’re going to batten down the hatches and push back on the game’s arrival — this is a challenging news for us all, but it’s what’s needed to make ‘Skull and Bones’ as awesome as it can be,” Ubisoft said in their Tweet. “Our focus remains on quality first and we’re grateful for your undying support.”

For those that might not remember, Skull and Bones was initially announced back at E3 2017. It is a multiplayer action title that will offer solo and cooperative experiences. Players will be able to choose their ship’s captain, find a crew, create their own hideouts, and participate in a multitude of game modes. During a May 2018 earnings call, the developer announced it was delaying Skull and Bones and giving it a new, vague, 2019-2020 release date. This is now the second time Ubisoft has postponed their new IP, but hopefully, this means we get a better game as a result.

The video in the Tweet details their decision to postpone the game’s release but also gives some cool behind the scenes shots of the title’s development.

Ubisoft recently told Gamespot “For new IPs, it is common to have evolutions of creative vision and this requires more development time.” They’re not wrong, and in cases like this, it’s usually a smart move to delay a game rather than release it prematurely. Thankfully, the title has only been known about for a couple of years now, so while the demos have been promising, this means things should only improve with this extended development time.

Currently, there is no new release date, as the Singapore based studio continues “take the time it needs to make “Skull & Bones” awesome for future players.” Ubisoft Singapore is the same company that worked on Assassin Creed IV: Black Flag’s naval combat sequences.

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