The LEGO Group has officially unveiled its Stranger Things LEGO set which literally turns things Upside Down.

Earlier this month LEGO teased the unveiling of a brand new set, those teases seemed to point towards Stranger Things getting its own line of LEGO, and huzzah, that speculation was true. This week LEGO has unveiled the Stranger Things set titled “The Upside Down” which is essentially Will Byer’s house in both the real world and The Upside Down.

The set is pretty incredible actually and looks a lot like a reflection than a double-sided set. What’s more, players can actually flip between the real-world and the Upside Down. The house itself also features the front porch, the living room, and dining room as well as Will’s bedroom.

The Upside Down version of the house features the same rooms however they’re made to look a lot more creepy, y’know, like in Season 1 of Stranger things.

The set is expected to hit the LEGO Store on June 1, however, LEGO VIP members can pick up the set today. It’ll cost $200 and features over 2,000 pieces. It also includes eight minifigures: Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, Joyce Byers, Chief Jim Hopper, and the Demogorgon. There’s also a little version of Hopper’s truck, too.

This new set comes ahead of Netflix launching Season 3 of Stranger Things on July 4. You can check out the debut trailer for this series right here. Check out images (and video) of the new Stanger Things set below:

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