I honestly wasn’t too sure what to expect the first time I loaded up Super Cane Magic ZERO. Though what I found was a delightfully odd game filled with puzzles, action, adventure and a story so wild I could only imagine the drawing board which was put together to dream up anything even half as insane.

Super Cane Magic ZERO is an Action/RPG similar to the likes of the Diablo franchise. Loot drops from enemies are randomized with no guarantee of what you will get and a restricted open-world where you explore select locations as opposed to the entirety of the map and skill trees to coincide with the increasing power of said loot drops.

I was instantly engrossed in the ludicrous tale that Super Cane Magic ZERO threw at me. A wizard who could conjure up anything from a Cake to a Chocolate Cake to a Cake Salad (who was aptly named Cake the Wizard) suddenly dies one day and his dog; AAAH just as suddenly is bestowed with magical powers and is causing mayhem with his new found ability. On top of all this, it is also chock full to the brim with pop culture references, so if you are a fan of easter eggs in games, you will have a great time with this.

All I could think was “What the hell am I witnessing? I love it!” I was glad to see such a non-conventional story blind-side me. This is counteracted by a cliche in the from of the amnesiac hero. This is convenient as there are many different hero characters which you can unlock and play as.

Super Cane Magic ZERO Screenshot

I honestly fell in love with the story with a sense of childlike wonder. It feels like every idea that anyone in the studio had got implemented into the game. No idea was too wild or outrageous and it really helps to build the ultimate fantasy world where anything and everything was plausible.

As for gameplay, on the surface it seems fairly straight forward utilizing a twin stick-esque combat mechanic in the form of aim and attack. Though you scratch just a little deeper then you will find a treasure trove of features, both familiar and questionable.

Hidden among these features is the ability to quick change your weapons without having to bounce into your inventory over and over again. You can have up to 3 different weapons equipped at any one time meaning that you can mix up your style of play on the fly depending on what situation you find yourself in.

On the topic of loot drops, nothing is as you would say ordinary. At least not in the terms of an Action/RPG game. Super Cane Magic ZERO expands upon its quirky story by having equally zany loot drops. Instead of Claymore’s and battle armor, you will instead more likely be going in to battle with a rolling pin in just a pair of underpants and a chefs hat. The buffs that everything has is hugely randomized and it makes the constant fighting quite entertaining as you never can quite expect anything.

Super Cane Magic ZERO Screenshot

Not only can you combat the enemies of Super Cane Magic ZERO with a questionable ensemble of gear but you can go on to flip the script by using the enemy as a weapon too! I have always found that being able to hurl one enemy into another in a game makes for a nice turn of events as you can kill two proverbial birds with one stone, with one of the birds being the stone.

Another little quirk to be found in the features of Super Cane Magic ZERO is the ability to eat pretty much anything. I literally mean anything. Find a cake and eat it. Find a hotdog and eat it. Find a full sized metal locker and eat it! I mean it has negative effects but that wouldn’t stop me. Eating different items has different and very adverse effects from dealing damage to you to increasing your attack. It takes a real unit to just munch down on a locker though so I shall assert dominance over the land by consuming them all.

One thing I was surprised to see was the use of limited lives on any difficult above the easiest. This isn’t a feature commonly seen outside of platformers. Sure you can save the game and reload if needs be. Just having the constant fear that you could see a ‘game over’ screen brings a feeling of not only dread, but nostalgia also.

The gameplay on the Nintendo Switch does require full use of both JoyCons per player as it utilizes both analog sticks. The game does support up to 4 player local co-op making for a real chaotic game in both the sense of the premise and the gameplay.

Super Cane Magic ZERO Screenshot

Super Cane Magic ZERO is definitely worth playing with a group of friends considering it actually is home to another mode outside of the story. If, for some bizarre reason you grow tired of the story mode, you can always take yourself over to the arena mode. This will see you and your friends fighting it out against each other using any currently unlocked characters.

As with any good RPG class game, you need a good variety of enemies to square up against and Super Cane Magic ZERO has you covered there too. To put into perspective just a hint of what you can expect to come face to face with, the first bit of combat you partake in is against a horde of sentient feet… I’m just gonna let that sink in.

I think that the games insane outlandish premise really helps in keeping the game surprising. Especially with the enemies. Like I said earlier, no idea feels like it wasn’t a good fit. Super Cane Magic ZERO fits into the mid 2000’s trend of ‘being random’ and therefore keeps you guessing what could be coming to kill you next.

I couldn’t help but keep coming back to Super Cane Magic ZERO. The combination of zany story, wacky characters, hilarious loot drops and excellent enemy mobs really make for a unique experience despite being a familiar genre. With it being more child friendly and fairly laid back it doesn’t feel as intense giving more a laid back and casual feel about it too.Super Cane Magic ZERO Screenshot

Overall I found my time playing Super Cane Magic ZERO absolutely amazing. Thanks to it being on the Nintendo Switch means that it can be played whenever and wherever. I wasn’t actually too aware of it existing beforehand as it isn’t usually the type of game I play considering I’m not overly sold on the genre type. However, my opinion has definitely shifted more in favor of it thanks to Super Cane Magic ZERO.

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