Over the course of the summer, the BBC is planning on doing a countrywide tour of UK libraries to showcase demo sessions of its virtual reality programs. This is a part of the BBC’s VR Hub Program.

The programs the BBC will be letting library visitors try out are highly varied; a documentary series set in the Congo, a reconstruction of World War II-era air raids on Berlin, and a VR sitcom called People Just Do Nothing are the experiences that have been described. However, it seems like there will be other experiences available as well.

Zack Watson, the head of the BBC’s VR Hub Program, said, “Virtual reality is an extraordinary way to experience a story, by immersing yourself in it completely you get a huge connection to it.” He went on to add that VR headsets are expensive and not too many people have them at home, hence why the BBC is conducting this tour. It will be an opportunity for everyone to try VR out.

The virtual reality tour started on May 9 at the Skelmersdale and Tarleton libraries and will run until June 14. You can check out a schedule for tour locations and experience times here. You can also check out more information on all of the BBC’s VR projects on the BBC’s website, as well as our hands-on experience with the BBC Earth: Life in VR demo at Games For Change Festival 2018.

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