SEGA and The Creative Assembly have announced that Total War: Three Kingdoms has surpassed the franchise Steam record for concurrent players.

Do you know what’s hard to hate? Total War. Do you know what else is hard to hate? The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a historical event full of war and drama. So when it was announced that the two were going to fuse together, it begged the question of ‘Why not sooner?’

Well if numbers are anything to go on, it is a very valid question as Total War: Three Kingdoms has blown a previous record sky high with the flourish of Dynasty Warriors style finesse. With concurrent players peaking significantly over 150,000.

This leaves the rest of games under the Total War banner in the dust as Total War: Warhammer peaked at 119,000. Once again falling back to ‘why wasn’t this done sooner?’ Especially as the game managed to bring in more numbers than Fortnite over on Twitch!

Total War: Three Kingdoms Screenshot

The epic battles of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms have mainly been given the third-person treatment thanks to Koei Tecmo’s surprisingly undying Dynasty Warriors franchise. So to finally have full control over such a historic battlefield was almost bound to be a huge success.

I hold the Total War franchise in high regard and am very hyped to get to play this installment all thanks to its blend of subject matter, Risk-esque map conquering and glorious Real Time Strategy. Alas my computer won’t hold up so I’m just going to help keep those Twitch numbers higher than Fortnite…. and DOTA 2…. and League of Legends… and PUBG. I could go on…

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