Valve Index Headset

Following a tease earlier this year, Valve has officially unveiled its Virtual Reality (VR) headset, the Valve Index. It’s set to launch in June with pre-orders open now.

VR has always been slightly out of the realms of affordability, especially for those who are looking for more experiences outside of Sony’s PSVR offering, however, Valve doesn’t seem to care about that and have unveiled the Valve Index, a high-end headset that costs $999.

Now, credit to Valve, they are marketing this at more demanding VR uses, and the entire rig consists of three parts, the headset, controllers, and 2.0 base stations. This makes the Index a more traditional headset as it doesn’t feature internal tracking.

Internally, the Index features dual 1440×1600 RGB LCDs that offer greater sharpness as well as a reduced “screen door” effect. It’s also has a slightly higher 120Hz refresh rate, but is also backward compatible to Vive’s 90Hz. It’ll also have 20-degrees more Field of View than the Vive.

Valve Index

Other features include a physically adjustable IPD, off-ear headphones, HMD cameras, and a USB 3 Type-A expansion port for those who want to play around with the headset.

The Index controllers have more of an “open handed” feel and are designed so that interactions feel a lot more natural thus increasing the length of play. The controllers themselves feature 87 sensors which track hand and finger position, as well as motion and pressure.

For those seriously into VR, the Valve Index is taking pre-orders now with an expected shipping date of June 28. Users can purchase it all as a bundle (£919/$999) or individual components separately. The Index headset alone costs £459/$499 and the controllers cost £259/$279.

Of course, this isn’t a standalone headset and still requires a pretty decent PC to run VR software, which as usual puts the entry to Valve Index much, much higher. More info can be found on the headset’s website.

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